Domain Name Registrations

The first step in establishing your Internet presence is to register your own domain name, we offer a wide range of domain name registrations from just £25 per year including .com, .net, .org,, and the new .uk extension.

Find Your Perfect Domain Name...

You can search for a specific domain name such as or just enter 'yourname' and we will search all available options

Tips for finding a domain name...

  • Domain names can be up to 63 characters long but shorter is better
  • If the .com or domain names have gone consider the .net, .org or domains - there are no restrictions
  • If you are a registered UK company you can register a or domain name
  • You can separate characters in a domain name with hyphens, if you wanted "" perhaps "" is available
  • If your company name has been registered you can always register a name that describes your products and services or perhaps the area you live / work in
  • Try using a thesaurus, for instance if you wanted a domain with the word "shop" but it had gone then other options may include "store", "market" or "mart"
  • Words like "for", "to" or "you" can be changed for characters like "4", "2" or "u" so instead of "" try ""
  • You can also prefix or suffix domains with other words, if has been registered perhaps or would be suitable