Domain Name Restrictions

Certain domain names have restrictions imposed on them by the registrars, this means that they can only be used by specific people / companies or for a specific use.

Please note the following restrictions that apply to certain domain names:

.uk If the or version of .uk domain name is already registered, the .uk version is automatically reserved for the existing registrant until the 10 June 2019. Are intended to be only used for personal usage, not commercial use. Only Limited UK companies with a valid Companies House registration number. Only Publicly Limited UK companies with a valid Companies House registration No. Only intended for NIC (Network Information Centre), NOC (Network Operations Centre), and other administrative use, and users are required to be Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Please also note the following general domain name restrictions:

  • The length of a domain name including the extension must be between 3 and 63 characters
  • The only characters allowed in a domain name are 'a' through to 'z' and '0' through to '9'
  • You can used the "-" symbol to separate words ( but not the dot (".") symbol
  • Domains cannot begin or end with a hyphen, nor can they contain spaces or other punctuation
  • There are restrictions on minimum and maximum lengths
  • Domains are not case sensitive, all domains are considered to be lower case