Domain Name Pricing

The first step in establishing your Internet presence is to register your own domain name.

We can currently register the following domain name types, if you already know what domain name you want to register you can check the availability using our whois lookup.

  Type Price Restrictions
  .com £25 No
  .net £25 No
  .org £25 No
  .biz £25 No
  .info £25 No
  .eu £25 No
  .tv £35 No
  .me £35 No
  .co £35 No
  .uk £25 No £25 No £25 No £25 No £25 Yes £25 Yes £25 Yes

Domain Name Pricing

Please note the following points about our domain name registration service:


  • VAT
  • Additional services such as web and email services
  • Whois Privacy (additional cost of £3+VAT per year)


  • 1 Year registration (2 years for .uk domain names)
  • Registrar fees
  • Management fees
  • DNS Server Updates
  • No hidden fees (If you decide to transfer away etc.)
  • DNS Hosting


Restrictions apply to some domain name types meaning that only certain organisations can register them, click here for details.

Note: When registering a domain name you are accepting and agreeing to:


To register a domain name please use our whois search to find an available domain name.